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Our Terms of Service

Our guarantee: In the event that you are not satisfied with the services received, we will re-clean the applicable areas or upholstery (within 7 days). Because the services we and our competitors offer cannot ensure perfect results, our service guarantee does not entitle you to a refund.

Mr. Steam Service & Liability Waiver

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Thank you for choosing Mr. Steam!

We are thrilled to offer you our services, and we are experts in the services we offer. However, we are not magicians, and we unfortunately cannot guarantee perfect results or that, in very rare instances, the cleaning service you request will not result in damage to your carpet, upholstery, leather, area rugs, and/or tile, as applicable. We cannot guarantee a complete removal of stains or odor (some stains may not come out at all). 

As a valued customer, we want to be sure that you understand the limitations of and risks inherent in the provision of our services before you proceed. 


Our guarantee is to provide you expertise and workmanship consistent with industry standards of care, combined with results that may be limited by the conditions and cleaning situation we encounter. The cleaning situation we encounter may include, but is not limited to, stubborn pet stain and odor issues; food and beverage stains; paint, glue, or dye stains; pervasive mold or mildew; wear and tear (fibers and/or materials weakened by age, chemical, or insect damage, degraded adhesives, etc.); home or professional cleaning agents; water or sun damage; compromised materials and/or dyes; or other manufacturer- or use-related factors.

Although we exercise care in minimizing factors that may result in sub-par results and/or damage to the extent reasonably possible,  YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, ALTHOUGH RARE, THE CLEANING SERVICE PERFORMED CARRIES RISKS OF PERMANENT DAMAGE, YOU ARE PROCEEDING WITH YOUR CLEANING SERVICE WITH THESE RISKS IN MIND, AND YOU RELEASE US FROM ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGE THAT MAY OCCUR DURING OR AFTER YOUR MR. STEAM SERVICE, including, without limitation, shrinkage or stretching; fugitive or migrating dyes; materials that bleed; bleached spots, sun or other forms of fading; cellulosic browning; texture change; ripped or torn materials; permanent discoloration or stains; detergent or spotter damage or residue; odor changes (including worsening odor problems post-treatment); and any and all reactions to the cleaning agents employed by Mr. Steam personnel.

We also cannot guarantee that long-standing stains, including, without limitation, traffic stains, food stains, and filtration lines (dark accumulation of dirt and debris at the wall edges of carpet) will be completely removed or significantly improved.
In some instances, we encounter stubborn stains on delicate materials, which are recommended (whether by manufacturing cleaning codes or industry practice) to be cleaned using specific methods, such as using only dry solvent cleaning, low water temperature, and/or low PSI. However, such prescribed and gentle cleaning methods do not always produce excellent results. In turn, your technician may offer to clean such materials, which are usually, but not always, denoted with an “S” cleaning code, with hot extraction in order to remove stubborn stains or other odor issues. Because hot extraction is usually not recommended for such materials, YOU ACCEPT THE RISK THAT HOT EXTRACTION MAY WORSEN THE CONDITION OF ODOR PROBLEMS, STAINS, AND FABRIC QUALITY, OR OTHERWISE PERMANENTLY DAMAGE SUCH DELICATE ITEM(S)


With regard to pet stain and pet odor treatment and removal, we offer both live enzyme surface treatment and pad/carpet/subfloor treatment and replacement, as appropriate. However, as explained below, due to a variety of factors beyond our control, we CANNOT guarantee 100% pet odor and pet stain removal.
Carpet surface live enzyme treatment. The live enzyme treatment solution we offer usually does a great job neutralizing odor causing bacteria on the carpet SURFACE, but unfortunately it cannot address odor problems originating from pad, or foundation areas affected by pet urine/excrement and bacteria. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether odor-causing pet substances and bacteria have penetrated past the carpet surface BEFORE treatment and/or carpet removal (to inspect pad and subfloor).

When the live enzyme carpet surface odor treatment is unsuccessful, this indicates that the odor-causing substance has penetrated past the surface into the pad and subfloor. In these instances, the pet odor can actually become WORSE after treatment, and only the pad replacement / subfloor treatment described below can potentially resolve the issue. For this reason, if your pet has repeatedly “visited” the same spot, we highly recommend that you have the pad and subfloor treated from the start to increase the likelihood of successful results.

Carpet removal/replacement and subfloor treatment: Sometimes pet odor treatment will require pad removal, concrete foundation treatment, or complete carpet replacement in the worst instances. Even replacing the pad, treating the concrete, and thoroughly treating carpet for pet urine doesn’t always solve the problem. For that reason we do not guarantee 100% pet odor removal.

Pet stain treatment is similar to pet odor in that it can produce unpredictable results. As a general rule, the longer a pet spot is on your carpet, the higher the risk of color loss or permanent discoloration, which is why, unfortunately, there is no way for us or any other company to guarantee 100% pet stain removal.



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Deleting Personal Information

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Sale of Business

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Data Subjects Rights

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To exercise any of these rights, please contact us via email as follows:

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