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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

On average, it will take approximately 15-30 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how dirty the carpet is and any necessary spot removal treatments.

Won’t water ruin my carpet?

Modern carpet technology is basically water resistant, and approximately 95% of the limited amount of water used in our cleaning process is removed by an industrial-strength vacuum.

How can I maintain my new carpet warranty?

There are three key things to do to maintain your new carpet warranty:

  1. Vacuum frequently
  2. Clean spills promptly
  3. Have periodic professional carpet cleanings (every 12 to 18 months in a typical household)

Carpet manufacturer’s warranties require that the homeowner be able to show proof of periodic cleaning by ”steam cleaning” (also known as hot water extraction.)

How long do I have to wait after cleaning to let my children or pets on the carpet?

The carpet may be walked on with clean feet or shoes immediately after cleaning; however, we recommend limiting activity on the carpet to this foot traffic until it is completely dry.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Factors like carpet material and type, and the relative humidity in your home affect the drying time. In general, turning on your air conditioning or heating system (depending on the time of year) will help speed the process. you can walk on it as soon as we are finished (just remember to remove street shoes first) Some carpets may feel slightly damp for up to 6-12 hours depending on the carpet and soil conditions. However, it could take up to 24 hours to dry depending on the time of year and the air circulation, humidity and temperature in your home.
This is normal and will not cause any problems. With our dry cleaning method, it will be dry in about an hour.

Does carpet protector really work?

Absolutely. Carpet protector is an outstanding product that Mr. Steam professionals highly recommend. In fact, most new carpet has protector on it – applied by the carpet manufacturer. However, protector wears off because of foot traffic on the carpet, frequent vacuuming, etc.

Carpet protection helps you in two very important ways:

  • When a protector is applied to the carpet, it puts a protective barrier around each fiber on the carpet. This protective barrier resists moisture. When you do have a spill, it gives you time to get it cleaned up.
  • The other important way that protector helps you is in the area of wear. Having this protective coating on your carpet helps reduce the wear and abrasion caused by soil in the carpet.

I've heard that carpeting re-soils more quickly after it has been cleaned. Is this true?

This is true if hire the “cheap guys”. They’re cheap because they have to save time and money. So they have to use the cheapest cleaning solutions and the cheapest equipment. Most won’t provide the proper training for their technicians.

If detergent is left in the carpet, accelerated re-soiling will occur. We use the most thorough method of cleaning that rinses after the pre-spray process. This method removes deep down soil and leaves no detergent to accelerate the re-soiling process.

Is Mr. Steam safe for children and pets?

Yes. We do not use any harsh chemicals in our cleaning products. We use a mild cleaning solution mixed with a non-toxic cleaner and it is very effective. If you like, we have green products available that have absolutely no chemicals in them.

Does Mr. Steam offer green carpet cleaning?

If you have chemical sensitivities or just do not want any chemicals used in your cleaning, we carry a full line of green non-toxic cleaning solutions that contain absolutely no chemicals.

Do I need to move my furniture before the crew arrives?

Our technicians can move very light furniture, and return it to its rightful place when cleaning is completed. For liability reasons, items we cannot move: China cabinets, full bookcases, entertainment and electronic systems of any size, pianos, sofa beds, night stands or other heavy belongings.

Do I have to be home while my carpet is being cleaned?

It is not necessary that you be home while your carpet is cleaned because our technicians are thoroughly trained professionals you can trust. In order to provide the best possible service, we do recommend that someone is home before we begin cleaning to discuss any specific needs or areas of concern regarding the care of your carpet.

Can I have both my area rug and the carpet that it sits on cleaned at the same time?

Yes. However, the area rug cannot dry over the wet carpet. The area rug must be taken to another area (such as dry carpet or clean concrete) to dry.

What should I do if the stains that were cleaned reappear?

Although most stains that are removed from carpet do not reappear, deep stains in carpet backing may wick to the surface after cleaning. If this happens, contact Mr. Steam and we will do everything we can to try and resolve the problem.

Do you clean Berber carpet?

Absolutely, Berber is a weave, not a particular type of fabric. Berber is simply a type of loop construction that may come in olefin, nylon, wool, or a blend. Berber requires a more thorough cleaning than other carpets because the “flushing” action needs to take place to get under, around, and through the loops. Other companies that are not as thorough as we are have a lot of problems with Berber carpet because they leave soil behind that “wicks” back to the service.

How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

We offer you a fabulous guarantee that shows we are dedicated to making every single customer happy. If you aren’t 100% happy with the services that have been provided all you need to do is say so. If we have to send a professional technician back to your home or office to do the job right we will do so.

We are happy to work with you to correct any situation that may arise. In some cases this can mean spot cleaning specific areas of concern or even completely re-cleaning the areas in question. In the end, we’re not satisfied until you are.

I've heard it's best to put off having your carpet cleaned as long as possible, is this true?

No. In fact, many of the major carpet mills today recommend professional cleaning at least once per year. The build up of soil in your carpet in combination with foot traffic creates abrasion that breaks down your carpets’ fibers. The higher the traffic in a given area, the more often the carpet will need cleaning.

Area Rug Cleaning FAQ

I heard that rugs should be washed with lots of water. Why?

This was a valid method 1-2 generations ago. When rug cleaners did not have the benefit of modern technological advances, and water was readily available. For heavy pet odor, we definitely recommend to wash the rug with lots of water to eliminate the odor.

When is the best time to get 3M Scotchgard™ protection applied to my rug?

The best time to apply Scotchgard™ Protector is immediately after your rug has been cleaned by Mr. Steam.

Can you clean my rugs at my home?

We actually prefer to clean your rugs at home if possible, even if you have hardwood or stone floors! Because we don’t use a ton of water and our equipment is powerful enough so there is no risk of damaging carpet or flooring underneath the rug.

Do you pick up rugs?

We only do rug cleaning on location.

What does it cost to clean oriental rugs?

The price of cleaning depends on the fabric and size of your rug. please contact one of our friendly office staff to answer any question that you have.

What is the procedure Mr. Steam uses to clean my rugs?

Most area rugs can be cleaned using our outstanding extraction method.However we also hand clean or dry clean certain delicate oriental and fine area rugs. Your cleaning will be customized to your specific rug to ensure the safest cleaning method possible is used and the best cleaning results possible.

Furniture Cleaning FAQ

Can you tell me more about how you clean leather furniture?

Our Process:
The first priority of leather cleaning is to remove soil and staining, but it is essential to also replenish oils in order to restore the original vibrant color to leather upholstery. Once your leather has been carefully cleaned and the color restored, Mr. Steam technicians will apply a conditioning cream that will protect your leather from wear and tear, spills and will even further enhance the look and feel of your leather furnishings.

What methods you use to clean furniture?

Certain fabrics can only be safely cleaned by the dry method(dry cleaning), while others response best to one of the wet methods, such as:

Hot water extraction
Hand wash treatment

Do you give free estimates?

In most cases yes. Please contact us by phone or email us with your specific cleaning needs and we will schedule an appointment for you.

What should I do for my spots and stains until Mr. Steam arrives?

Don’t hesitate to check with us for professional advice in regards to your particular stain and what you should to do until we arrive. Email us or call us for advice.

Soaking and not rubbing up wet stains with a towel is the only step we recommend you take until we arrive. Why? If you work on the stain before Mr. steam arrives you will add the ingredients of whatever products you use to the stains contents. Changing the stains chemical composition increases the chances that a temporary stain will become a permanent one. Most of the products offered by local stores include some sort of bleach that can ruin rather than restore your furniture. We do not recommend rubbing because doing so can damage delicate furniture fabrics.

How can I be sure that a stain or odor is going to come out of my furniture?

No company can guarantee that every stain or odor will be completely removed after cleaning. Mr.Steam likewise make no such claim. Our technicians are very well trained and highly knowledgeable about the composition of stains and odors and what needs to be done in order to treat them and most of the time even if we are not able to remove the stain or odor completely, we can greatly improve the problem.

As far as odors are concerned, we have very effective enzymes, sanitizers and deodorizers that we can inject directly into upholstery This treatment usually greatly improves the situation, and in most cases remove the odor completely.

How long will it take my furniture to dry after cleaning it?

Depends on your specific furniture, drying time would be somewhere between 2 to 10 hours.

If you can leave windows and doors open so that there is a good air circulation in the room that will help speed up the drying time.

Some types of upholstery will need more time and may feel damp up to 24 hours.

Drying time will depend primarily on two factors:

How soiled the furniture was before cleaning, the less moisture we will need to use-and that leads to a faster drying time.

The type of upholstery you have will also affect drying times. For example, Synthetic fibers will dry faster than natural fibers.