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Cleaning Tips


The single most important thing you can do in caring for your carpet is vacuuming thoroughly and frequently, especially in high-traffic areas, vacuum heavy traffic areas two to three times a week

Walking on soiled carpet works soil particles deep into the pile where they not only damage the fibers but are far more difficult to remove. Frequent vacuuming removes many of these particles before this happens. Always use a good vacuum cleaner. The less expensive models pick up only surface dirt and do little to prolong the life or beauty of your carpet in the long run.

Use Walk off Mats

Walk-off mats are a good carpet cleaning and maintenance routine. They should be used at all entrances to absorb soil and moisture, and mats should be cleaned on a regular basis so they don’t become sources of soil themselves, especially during inclement weather. Sidewalks and entrances should be kept free of excessive dirt and substances which can be tracked into the home.

Occasionally Move Heavy Furniture

Occasionally move heavy furniture to avoid excessive pile crushing. Put coasters intended for use with carpet under the legs of tables, chairs, and other furniture to help distribute the weight and prevent crushing the pile. Do not use chairs or appliances with rollers or casters on carpet without a chair pad designed for carpet. Continued use without a chair pad can cause damage to the carpet

When moving heavy wheeled furniture (pianos, buffets, etc.), prevent damage by placing a protective barrier of heavy cardboard or plywood between the wheels and the carpet.

Use Area Rugs

If you use area rugs over your carpet, be sure to remove and clean them regularly.

Clean and restore the pile of the carpet underneath. Be certain to check area rugs for colorfastness before putting them back over carpet, as the dyes in some rugs may bleed through to the carpet. After cleaning your carpet, remember to allow complete drying before replacing rugs.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Protect your carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight with blinds, shades, or awnings.

Scotchgard Protector

Carpet manufacturers apply protectors at the factory to help your carpets stay cleaner longer. But, with foot traffic and vacuuming, this protection wears off over time. Having the protector reapplied helps slow down the formation of traffic patterns by allowing you to get more dirt out of your carpet with your vacuum cleaner.

Watch Out For The Low End Price Cleaner

Misleading advertising and by low end price cleaners can leave cleaners who offer quality service at a disadvantage. Advertisements promising carpet cleaning at unbelievably low prices (like $9 a room; or whole house for $69) are prevalent these days. If you think they are too good to be true, you’re probably correct.

Have you been left with an over wet and still dirty carpet? Have you ended up paying several times more than what you thought you would be paying? If yes, then you have had firsthand experience with such cleaners.

Quality service requires investments and takes some time. It is not possible to offer good service at ridiculously low prices. Do not fall victim to low pricing or Bait and Switch tactics.

Spot Removal Steps

Act Quickly! Most carpet available today has been treated with a stain-resist treatment, so many spills can be removed if immediate action is taken.

  1. Remove any solid materials (with a spoon)
  2. Blot liquids with a dry, white, absorbent cloth or white (no printing) paper towels. Do not scrub the area!
  3. Apply a small amount of the selected cleaning solution to a white cloth, allow to sit for about 10 minutes and work in gently.
  4. Work from the edges of the spill to the center to prevent the spill from spreading. Continue using the first cleaning solution as long as there is a transfer of the spill to the cloth.
  5. After the spill has been completely removed, rinse the affected area thoroughly with cold water and blot with a dry cloth until all of the solution has been removed.

Recommended Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guidelines By E.P.A

2 Persons non smoking 2 Persons smoking Young Children Young Children With pets
1-2 times a year 3 times a year 2 times a year 3-4 times a year