Natural Stone Cleaning in Atlanta

Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Atlanta

The beauty and practicality of natural stonework in your home are unparalleled with almost any other material. However, natural stone can easily lose its luminosity with years of use and/or improper care.

If your natural stone and grout work is suffering from a loss of its original beauty, you are in need of professional stone and grout cleaning and sealing services. At Mr. Steam Atlanta, our trained professionals have the tools and knowledge to restore your natural stone to its original grandeur, shine and overall beauty.

Mr. Steam not only offers a full range of stone cleaning services, but we will recommend the stone services that your specific home needs. These services include Deep Cleaning, Sealing, Color-Enhancing Sealing, Diamond Honing and Polishing, and Slippage Removal.

Description of Stone Cleaning Services

Deep Stone Cleaning

This is a high-pressure steam based system that will blast through dirt and grime that is impossible to clean otherwise. Our Deep Stone Cleaning is safe for use on all natural stone, and you are sure to be impressed with the results.

Stone Sealing

Professional stone sealing is the best way to protect your stonework from staining spills and oils, making the appearance of your stone easier to maintain. Different stones require different types of sealers, and our knowledgeable technicians will match the right sealer to your stone for a beautiful and strong barrier to damaging elements.

Color Enhancing Stone Sealing

Some natural stone is most beautiful when the naturally occurring veins and colors are deepened and enhanced. We have a special color-enhancing sealer for these types of stone (granite, marble and slate for example) that can give your stonework a new look. We are happy to discuss this option with you if you would like to use a color-enhancing stone sealer rather than a traditional one.

Old Stone Sealer Stripping Service

For stonework that has been sealed improperly, this servie will allow you to revitalize and protect your stone. Using a chemical sealer stripper to break down the old sealer, we will then use high pressure cleaning to remove the old sealant and stripper residue. Finally, a Ph balancer will be applied to balance the stone’s Ph levels and prevent acid damage. We recommend to follow this service with our stone sealing service.

Stone Crystallization Refinishing Service

Natural Stone Crystallization Refinishing is best explained as maintenance polishing. Performing this lighter polishing service on your stonework once or twice a year will keep your stone looking its best and prevent the more expensive heavy duty services such as lippage removal and diamond honing and polishing.

Diamond Honing and Polishing

Using commercial grade diamonds, the diamond honing procedure will remove any deep scratches or wear patterns in your stone as well as deep stains. The diamond polishing service is a similar process for light marks and wear patterns. Diamond stone polishing will leave your stone with the exact finish you want, anywhere from matte to super shiny. These two processes, together or separate depending on your specific needs, will restore your stone to its full original beauty. What is more, the diamond polishing process will actually reduce the size of the pores in your natural stone, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Lippage Removal

Lippage refers to unevenness in your stone floor. Removing lippage can vastly increase the the lifetime of your stone floor and protect it from uneven wear patterns. This process is a more intense time-consuming honing down of your stone floor with large rough diamonds to create an even flat surface. The process is followed with the standard diamond honing and polishing for a smooth and beautiful finish.

Natural Stone Maintenance Tips

1. Sweep and or vacuum regularly to prevent dulling abrasion from small dirt particles.

2. Mop floors and clean other stone surfaces with PH neutral cleansers designed for natural stone use or plain water. Most consumer cleaning products will remove your sealer and dull the stones’ shine.

3. Clean up spills ASAP! Since most spills aren’t PH neutral, they can have a damaging effect on your stone.

4. Adhere felt to the bottoms of chair legs and other furniture to prevent scratches.

5. Wear house shoes or socks to prevent soiling stone from oil in skin..

FAQ: Atlanta Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Services

1. How does Mr. Steam Atlanta clean stone surfaces and floors?
Mr. Steam uses a high-pressure steam machine that is specifically designed for cleaning stone surfaces and floors. We adjust the specific method and pressure for each type of stone, depending on the stones’ delicacy. Our stone cleaning process effectively cleans cracks and crevasses that less advanced systems cannot.

2. Will your Natural Stone Cleaning service remove scratches on my stone floors?
The answer depends on the depth of the ‘scratch.’ Oftentimes, cleaning alone will be sufficient to reduce the appearance of surface scratches. However, some stone surfaces will require diamond honing and/or polishing. We offer both services, and we are confident you will be happy with the results.

3. What will it cost to have my stone cleaned or polished?
Our stone cleaning, maintenance and restoration services are tailored to the specific needs of your home and stonework. Therefore, the best way to estimate the cost of this service is to speak with one of our representatives who will work out an estimate for you over the phone or via email.

4. How often do you recommend your Stone Cleaning and maintenance services?
If you regularly clean your stone and/or tile, having these professional services performed every two or three years should be sufficient to keep them looking their best. However, if you need more extensive work done, such as diamond honing or lippage removal, these service need to be performed first to keep the time between maintenance services at a minimum.