Atlanta Carpet Stretching & Repair

Carpet Repair & Carpet Stretching in Atlanta

We’ll give a free quote on repairing your carpet.

Do you need carpet repair? Has your carpet buckled or rippled because it needs carpet stretching?

Mr. Steam has carpet repair professionals who can come to your home in metro Atlanta to give you a free quote for repairing or restretching your carpet.

You may need carpet stretching because of a simple, common problem — the carpet over time comes loose from the tack strips near the baseboard. It’s tricky to restretch the carpet back onto the strips without the right tools and know how. But our carpet repairmen can repair it quickly at a reasonable cost.

Carpet restretching is needed following the repair of broken carpet seams. If your room is wider than the roll of carpet that was installed in it, then the original installers glued two pieces of carpet together with carpet seam tape. which can come loose over time. To fix the break, our carpet repair pros will lift the carpet pieces, repair the carpet seam, and then stretch the carpet back on to the tack strips so it is smooth again.

Carpet Repair Examples

Sometimes carpet stretching is needed because you must remove the carpet from the flooring to repair the subfloor, clean up water damage, deal with insect or mold problems, or get under the carpet to remove odors from pet stains and spills. We can repair with those problems and then restretch the carpet for you.

When a small carpet area is so damaged that it needs replacement, we can patch the carpet providing you have another piece of carpet saved, or we can cut a patch from carpet in a closet or other area where removing carpet won’t matter.

Please call Mr. Steam in Atlanta at 404-513-1311 if you need carpet repair or carpet stretching!