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Why is Atlanta’s Best Carpet Cleaner Mr. Steam?

The answer isn’t just because our carpet cleaning firm gets great 5-star customer reviews on Google, Yelp and others who rate Atlanta professional carpet cleaners.

There’s a bigger reason why you should choose Mr. Steam as your carpet cleaner. It all has to do with the method we use when cleaning your carpets. Scroll down below to read what make our carpet & upholstery cleaning the best.

    We are the Steam Carpet Cleaner!

    Other carpet cleaning firms incorrectly try to convince you that using a steam carpet cleaner is not a good idea. Instead, they sell you their “best carpet cleaning” method such as applying a “dry method” chemical powder into your carpet, or making your carpet only slightly wet by applying a “citrus fresh” chemical such as D-limonene to remove the dirt, and then agitating your carpet with an orbital machine followed by a vacuum. But here is the truth…

    Most Carpet Manufacturers Recommend Steam Cleaning!

    If you do your own research on carpet cleaning, you’ll soon discover the Carpet and Rug Institute site, supported by the carpet manufacturers to educate customers. Their site says “Vacuuming is great for day-to-day carpet maintenance. But to keep it at peak performance, CRI recommends professionally deep cleaning your carpet every 12 to 18 months.”

    On the site they have a link to all the major carpet manufacturers, and if you take the time to visit each and read their “carpet care” recommendations, you’ll find almost every carpet manufacturer recommends their preferred carpet cleaner is “hot water extraction” which is the carpet cleaning method Mr. Steam provides: truck-mounted cleaning equipment that heats water very hot, delivers it by a hose into your home, sprays it into your carpet like steam, and then immediately extracts it with our powerful vacuum that draws back into our truck (and out of your home) all the dirt, residue, allergens, bacteria, fungus, pet hair and odors, tiny insects, tobacco odor, etc.

    When you wash your clothes or your body, you don’t apply a chemical powder or spray and then vacuum yourself. You use water.

    Carpet manufacturers recommend your regularly vacuum your carpet, plus use a professional carpet cleaner every 12 to 18 months. In fact, many carpet manufacturers warranties say you should keep records that you have had your carpet professionally cleaned, because dirt can cause carpet to fail.

    Myths about using Steam as Your Carpet Cleaner

    Some carpet cleaning firms will try to sell you on the idea that using steam or water as your carpet cleaner will harm your carpet or floors. If that were true, why are carpet manufacturers recommending “hot water extraction” to clean?The truth is, it may be harmful applying dry shampoo or chemicals or citrus sprays onto carpet fibers if they cannot be removed completely with vacuuming. And carpet cleaners that agitate your carpet with machines to work chemicals into it could damage carpet fibers.