Why You Should Always Opt for a Carpet Protector Like ScotchGuard

There is a very good reason why carpet protectors are called just that: they really do protect your carpet. When you purchase new carpet or when you have your carpets cleaned, you make an investment in the appearance and value of your home. ScotchGuard carpet protector helps you protect that investment. Yes, most carpets come with a protector when they are new, but this layer needs to be reapplied because it will wear off through normal wear and various cleaning processes. So, let’s look at how and why you should treat your carpets with a protector the next time you have them professionally cleaned.

Carpet protectors help to repel stains and spills. When accidents happen, as they invariably do, the difference between a removable spot and a permanent stain can be the protective barrier you have on your carpet. The protective layer afforded by a carpet protector like ScotchGuard makes spots much easier to clean by keeping the stains from fully penetrating the carpet fibers. While some super tough stains will persist even if you have a carpet protector, these are sure to be far less noticeable if your carpets have been treated with a protector.

Additionally, carpet protectors greatly help to preserve the texture of your carpet. When you walk on your carpets, you will be transporting and rubbing abrasive dirts and particles into the carpet fibers. If these fibers are protected with a barrier like ScotchGuard they will be far less susceptible to wear and tear, because the protector prevents the abrasive particles from fully penetrating into the individual threads causing them to break down prematurely.

To go even further,, since these dirt and other particles are not wedged into the individual fibers of the carpet protector, but are rather resting on top of the protective barrier, they are more easily removed when it is time to have your carpets cleaned. In essence, having treated your carpet with a protector makes your professional cleaning more effective.

So, when you have your carpets cleaned next, make sure you tell your Mr. Steam technician that you would like to have your carpets protected as well. It’ll surely be worth your while in a way that you can see!