Steam and Carpet Cleaning Prices

Find the list of steam cleaning prices below. Use our online calculator to see your total cost of carpet cleaning. Schedule online.

We have $139 job minimum ($250 for any units above the 2nd floor, or if we have to use a portable machine)

Carpet Cleaning

* $69 per room

Upholstery Cleaning

*  3 seat Sofa – $149

* Sectional sofa L shape – $225

*Sectional sofa U shape – $259

* Dining Chair – $29

Rug Cleaning

* Please call for more info as prices change depending on size and material type of the rug

Tile & Grout cleaning

*Tile & grout cleaning – Floor – $1 per sq. foot (sealer is $1 per sq. foot) Wall – $2 a sq. ft

Additional Services

* Deodorizer – $25  per room
* Carpet  protector – $40 per room

Call to schedule your cleaning at (404) 513-1311 or Schedule Online in less than 3 minutes.

Terms & Restrictions
* Each room is measured as a separate area.
* Room size – up to 250 sq. ft per room (typical master bedroom size is 200 to 225 sq. ft).
* Minimum job order of $139 is required (high Rise  and units above 2nd floor $250 job min)

* Portable units used to clean apartments in high rises will not have the same capability of a Truck Mounted unit (heat & suction)