Leather cleaning

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Many of our customers in Atlanta don’t know how often to clean their leather furniture and what kind of process they should be using to keep leather furniture well conditioned and looking its best.

As far as how often to clean leather furniture, the answer depends heavily on how often the piece is used and whether it is in direct sunlight. Because heavy usage and sunlight can prompt more wear and tear, leather cleaning and conditioning is recommended every three to six months. However, if only one of these factors applies to a particular piece, one cleaning per year will be sufficient to maintain  a rich color and supple feel of your leather furniture.

The options that you have in terms of leather upholstery cleaning processes are two main processes: wet or dry. Wet leather cleaning is used on treated/finished leather where a gentle solution is applied to the leather and then “brushed” using specialized leather brush tools that remove dirt and grime. For unfinished leather surfaces like suede, a special dry cleaning process is used to preserve the texture of the surface while simultaneously removing soil and conditioning the leather.

Whatever you do, when considering cleaning your valuable leather furniture, make sure you leave it to the pros. Leather cleaning is a highly specialized process, one that is customized to your specific needs in terms of soil removal and delicacy of the leather surface, so give Mr. Steam Atlanta’s expert leather upholstery cleaning company a call when it’s time for your leather upholstery to be cleaned and conditioned.