We all love our pets. We call them silly names, we let them slobber on us and we even go to great lengths to make them happy be it a tasty treat or long walks in the park.
What we don’t love is when our adorable pets have accidents inside the house, especially on our carpet and upholstery where the mess isn’t easily cleaned.Pet Carpet Cleaning Concerns

The most frustrating part is that our adorable little creatures return to the same spots over and over again because it is “their” spot. Isn’t that CUTE?! Nope, not at all. But at least you can know how to take care of the issues to minimize the damage until you can have the professionals come and eliminate it.

How to clean new stains that are still wet:

You need to soak up as much urine as possible. The more urine you can remove from the carpet before it dries the easier it will be to get rid of the odor.

Use white towels or paper towels to soak the urine out of the affected area. Place it on the affected area and press on it for a minute, remove the towel and repeat the process again until the area is almost dry.

Lightly saturated the area with clean water, and then remove as much of the water as possible by soaking up the water using white towels, or a wet vacuum cleaner.

In some severe cases the carpet has to be pulled up and the backing and sub-floor needs to be treated as well or even replaced, but your professional carpet cleaner will be able to determine this for you. We don’t recommend that you start pulling up your carpet!

For dry older stains:

Call Mr. Steam Atlanta’s premier carpet & upholstery cleaning  so we can extract and remove all traces of urine stains.
Our truck mounted unit extractor will force fresh water through your carpet all the way to the padding and then forcing the dirty water out of the carpet.

The next step would be to saturate the area with a live enzyme, allow it to neutralize the odor-causing bacteria and then rinse it and extract it from the carpet padding.