When it comes time to choose a carpet and/or upholstery cleaning company in Atlanta, the number of choices out there can make the decision quite daunting. So we have decided to write about what to look for in order to choose the right company for you. Let’s start with what to avoid…

I am sad to say that the carpet cleaning business is home to some of the most disreputable business people out there. These are the companies that use bait and switch tactics to lure in unwitting customers with low prices and then double or even triple the price when they arrive at the customers’ home. They prey on folks without the knowledge to decipher between the good the bad and the ugly. Since no honest carpet cleaning company can stay in business – and certainly can’t make a profit – by offering services at prices like “$99 whole house!” or “$10 a room!,” you can pretty much be guaranteed that this price is not what you will be forced to pay when you book your cleaning job with one of these companies. Not to mention that a company who cares so little about the happiness of their customers will be unwilling to offer any kind of satisfaction guarantees on the poor quality job they are bound to perform. My advice – avoid them like the plague!!!

Now, what to look for in a carpet cleaning company depends on your needs. If you have small children, you may be interested in green cleaning. All of Mr. Steam’s cleaning products are safe and non-toxic, but we also offer organic chemicals for those who prefer this option. If you like one-stop-shopping look for a company like Mr. Steam who can clean not only your carpet and upholstery, but your stone, tile, grout and leather as well. Getting these services all done at once with the same company pretty much guarantees a better price and less headache.

Overall, however, when you choose a carpet cleaning company in metro Atlanta, you are inviting someone into your home. You want to be sure that the company you choose has professionally trained conscientious technicians that you can trust to care for your home as if it were their own. Check a company’s reviews on various websites as well as the company’s own website before you book. Also, companies that have referral programs and 100% satisfaction guarantees like Mr. Steam Atlanta’s trusted carpet cleaners are the kinds that are caring and considerate – they have a vested interest in their customers’ satisfaction.