If a price sounds too good to be true it probably is…

Bait & Switch is exactly as it sounds, these unethical carpet cleaning companies will bait you with a very low, unrealistic price, and switch it to a much higher price once they get inside your home.

How it works:

A company will give you either over the phone or in a coupon sent to your home a very low price to clean your home, like $15 a room or $99 for the whole house, But after the they get inside your home they will tell you that you have to pay extra to remove stains, pay extra for rooms bigger than 100 sq feet Etc… They will do everything they can to charge you more… The cleaner will try to pressure or even intimidate the customer to pay more…They may even call back to their office and lower the price in an attempt to get you to pay a much higher price than they advertised and quoted you over the phone.

They know and rely on the high possibility that the customer will say to herself  “well, they are already here, and even though it is a ridiculously high price, I really do need the carpets cleaned before the holiday tomorrow.”

You have already made arrangements to spend the day preparing your home for the carpet cleaners, and re scheduling the appointment with another company is time consuming task or they may be moving out of their home the same day and cannot call another company due to time restraints. So they end up paying the higher price and avoid wasting the all day.

These unethical companies have no base of repeat customers, and rely heavily on coupons to attract new customers, and basically make the customer believe that they will do a great job for them for a very low price.

How to protect yourself?

1) Remember that If a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Avoid super low price carpet cleaners. If a price is a lot lower compared to an other carpet  cleaning company, it might be a bait and switch.

2) Find out what is included in the carpet cleaning quote they gave you, before they come to your home. Ask if there are any other fees to remove stains.

3) Look for a reputable company that has been around for a few years. ask for references from their past customers.

4) Make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured.

5) If a company tells you that berber carpet is extra, or ‘’deep’’ cleaning is extra do not use them. It is a red flag.

Some unethical carpet cleaners using “Bait and Switch” tactics would have you believe that carpet cleaning is cheap. It’s not. All businesses must make a profit to operate, please  remember that when you see these ‘’GREAT DEALS’’with unrealistic low prices.

Contact  Mr. Steam! We are honest and reliable. The quote you receive from us online or over the phone is what you gonna pay.