Bait & Switch – Caution!!

I strongly advise you to read this before you hire anyone to clean your carpets!

Most people do not realize that there is a huge array of different types of carpet cleaning companies, especially in terms of honesty and service quality. That’s why most of us wouldn’t think twice about booking our next service with the company that offers the cheapest price. However, that can be a huge mistake, and this is why: many dishonest and disreputable carpet cleaning companies use “bait and switch” selling tactics. These companies rely on customers’ lack of knowledge, and charge a much higher final bill than the initial advertised price. At Mr. Steam, we rely on our customers’ word of recommendation to help our business grow, and we would never do anything to jeopardize those valuable relationships.

What is “Bait & Switch”?

“Bait and Switch” is an unfortunate and highly common dishonest practice among a large number of carpet cleaning companies. These disreputable companies “bait” their customers by offering a ridiculously low price for carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning services in order to lock the client into an appointment. Then they “switch” the price when they arrive at the customers’ home, usually doubling or even tripling the advertised or quoted price discussed over the phone.

Keep in mind that these dishonest companies and their technicians do NOT offer extra service for this huge increase in price, but are rather changing the actual price of the cleaning service, because no company can turn a profit offering $9 per room or $79 for a whole house – it simply isn’t possible. These companies know this, and have no intention of keeping the price at these ridiculously low rates.

Rather, they pressure folks into purchasing “extra” services like “stain removal” which should already be included in the price of your service if you are dealing with a professional company. Additionally, they take advantage of the fact that their clients may not be able to reschedule their cleaning service. They know and rely on the high possibility that the client will say to herself/himself “well, they are already here, and even though it is a ridiculous price, I really need the carpets cleaned before the open house tomorrow.”

This is a terrible way to take advantage of the people who keep you in business and, in essence, put food on your table! Not only do companies who participate in bait & switch tactics take advantage of you financially, these dishonest technicians clearly do not care about the quality of service they provide. They will certainly not guarantee their work, especially since most of these companies use the cheapest and least effective equipment and treatment products on the market. By choosing the lowest price in carpet or upholstery cleaning, you are assured to get what you pay for: a poor quality of service performed by dishonest and uncaring people. The level of cleanliness you will receive from such a company cannot even compare to that of the true professionals at Mr. Steam.

If you are looking for a caring and honest company to clean your carpet and upholstery, then look no further. With us, you will always get the best value in terms of service and quality. We DO guarantee it!