Keep your vehicle’s interior looking new


The average person spends somewhere between eight and fifteen hours in their car per week! Why am I sharing this amazing statistic? Because if we are spending so much time in our vehicles, then it makes sense that we would want that to be a clean and healthy environment for us and our families.

Most of us in Atlanta get our clean our cars every week or two (or every month or two-you know who you are!). We wash the outside, wipe down the inside and vacuum our seats and rugs. But even though that is a step in the right direction, what you may be overlooking is all the dirt grime and bacteria hanging out in your car’s carpet and upholstery. Our vehicles contain just as much soil as our heaviest trafficked carpet in our homes. We get into the vehicle tracking in dirt and germs from city streets, parks, beaches, and sometimes worse. We eat on family road trips and spill a few crumbs here and a whole chili dog there, and still we don’t think to have the professionals come out to rid the fabric in our vehicles of all these contaminants. What does this mean? It means that car interiors need to be professionally cleaned as often, if not more often than home carpets and upholstery: every six months for dark upholstery and every three for light.

By steam cleaning the interior of your car regularly and treating the upholstery with a fabric protector like scotch guard, you ensure that the surfaces that you and your family spend so much of your precious time in are clean and safe. Regular steam cleaning will also help keep your vehicle’s interior looking new, and a fabric protector like scotch guard will prevent those future spills and stains from settling in before you can get the professionals from Mr. steam out to clean it.

Mr. Steam Atlanta auto interior cleaning expert does a great job cleaning automotive fabric and leather upholstery, carpet and floor mats.

Contact us today and we will make your car interior look like new again 🙂