3M Carpet Protector

Why Mr. Steam Recommends Scotchgard 3m Carpet Protector

Scotchgard 3m is a unique product that will help you maintain the vibrant and clean look of your carpet for many years. Scotchgard has been the leading and most trusted brand of fabric protectors for over 55 years, and that is why Mr. Steam uses only this carpet protector product on your carpets.

Some carpets, especially newer ones, come already treated with a stain protector like Scotchgard, and that is a great thing for you and your carpets. However, even these carpets, over time will lose the effectiveness of their protective treatment through regular wear and tear. That is why we always recommend that you get your carpets treated with Scotchguard 3m protector whenever you get your carpets cleaned.

Some folks think that paying extra for carpet protectors is a waste of money, but we are here to tell you that having Scotchgard 3m carpet protector professionally applied is actually the easiest way to SAVE money on your carpets in the long run. Scotchgard is the number one best way to prevent permanent spots, traffic stains and even greatly extend the life of your carpet.

These are just a few benefits of having Scotchgard 3m professionally applied to your carpets after you have them steam-cleaned:

Scotchgard provides a liquid resistant barrier, making spills much easier to clean up and remove since they do not penetrate into the carpet fibers. Essentially, you can blot away the liquids before they become stains.

  • Your carpets will stay much cleaner for much longer after having them professionally cleaned.
  • Dirt and grime have a harder time penetrating the Scotchgard protective layer into the fibers of the carpet and the base layer. This makes vacuuming more effective!
  • Extend the overall lifetime of your carpet. Both the texture and the appearance are preserved with the protective effects of Scotchgard since pills are repelled, dirt and damage-causing abrasive particles are vacuumed before permanent damage is done.